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sexual practice in which the penis is withdrawn prior to ejaculation to prevent the deposit of sperm into the vagina
my girlfriend sprang coitus interruptus on me the other night when she was riding me cowgirl style and i ended up with a belly full of sperm.
by hal March 25, 2004
seminal fluid or vaginal fluid left on undergarments, clothing or surfaces resulting in the appearance of secretions left by snails during locomotion.
Julie was so aroused last night that she left a snail trail on the bed sheets.
by hal February 05, 2004
the real number for emergencies... if you're a stonecutter.
"and don't bother dialing 911 anymore. here's the real number (912)."
by hal March 21, 2004
They are primarily used to separate rooms.

i would be able to go into the next room, if it wasn't for this wall.
by Hal June 11, 2003
Fibre. Natural or synthetic, for example wool, nylon. Often found as one continuous thread bound into a ball, used for knitting.
"the damn kittens got my ball of yarn! how am i going to knit my leg warmers now!"
by hal October 13, 2003
The "AfroMonkey", one who has grown out alot of hair
he is a mechudo
by Hal April 24, 2004
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