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screwed up, mangled, generally broken, especially when applied to a device or person "stuck" in a non-functional mode
This computer is really wedged.
John is really wedged about this.
by twf January 08, 2004
The state in which you are "wedged" between being awake and asleep. This is the point of the night in which everything sounds funny and it is difficult to put sentences together.
"I was so wedged after being awake for two days that I continued to blame my socks for farting."
by Drewskiboy April 23, 2009
staying up for 24 hours or more, with the intensive purpose of excusing all inappropriate behavior on your lack of sleep
don't pay any attention to him man, he's fucking wedged.
by discordia July 24, 2005
1. Very, very, very drunk. Like you're standing on wedges.
2. Like swedged but without the S.
Fraser was pure wedged last night after drinking all that bevvy

We all got so wedged after mum bought us the cheap vodka
by Toxic_Cat July 14, 2014
Extremely wealthy in terms of attire, belongings and lifestyle. Can be used as a descriptive word i.e. clothing, motor vehicles etc
Wow, that allsaints clothing is absolutely wedged.

That Bentley Continental GTC looks spankingly wedged!
by Mr Wedged June 02, 2010
Extremely full,
Packed out.
The last bus home was wedged.
The cornishman is always wedged.
by Broomster June 27, 2003
This word has two meanings.

1. Meaning a full belly of food.
2. Can be used to describe someone who is wealthy, because their wallet resembles the shape of a wedge.
1. Good dinner mom, my belly is fully wedged.

2. That dude has bank yo, his wallet is wedged.
by Quentin Daniel August 04, 2006
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