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falling asleep during the performing of cunnilingus
I pissed my girlfriend off when I took a snod during foreplay.
by hal February 04, 2004
1)Any form of government by and for the ignorant.
2)Any democracy in which more people vote to be on the 'winning team' than vote out of any actual education on the issues at stake.
Pax Americana. The modern American empire.
by Hal October 04, 2004
A variation of the word cool. Only a very amount of people would even use this word due to the fact that it sounds idiotic when said.
Wow Steve, your car sure is coolic.
by hal August 24, 2003
1.(Di'PaK.o')In ~ and or refrence to the 'Iatola of Rock an' Rolla'

2.(DiP.Ak(c)o) A hybrid Mexican tabacco cross breeded with Mc'Donalds Sweet n' Sour Sauce.
1.Sph"If anyone knows; Dipako does."

2./Ath// ~ Mark decided to purchase some Dipako.
by Hal January 27, 2004
A term for a black person.
The Bronx area of New York has a lot of Zots living in it.
by Hal November 23, 2003
A mistaken attempt to circumvent a language filter for the racial epithet for a person of african american dissent
Can I get a witness? = canegrot a witness
by HAL November 10, 2004
dirt. is a dump near norf aston beach.
Some cool people live there ie. James. but its still not as good as norf!
man:im from summerscum
lady: get out you dirty man from the depths of pit of summerscum!
by Hal May 18, 2004

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