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A person capable of making things work in unfathomable and near-magical ways. Generally possesses extreme levels of mechanical aptitude plus a formal education including large doses of applied math, physics and chemistry which he actually understands. Can perform calculations without using a calculator. Often builds his own mechanical devices from loose parts for self-amusement. A modern day witch. Often has difficulty relating to people because ideas on new and better ways of doing things are constantly flooding into his/her mind. In many cases just bringing an engineer into a room containing broken equipment causes the equipment to start working again.

One day an engineer found himself at the pearly gates. St. Peter looked him up in the book, and found that he was destined for the other place. The engineer protested that this must be a mistake, and that he had lived a righteous life, going to church every week, being faithful to his wife etc. to no avail. About 6 weeks later God reviews the lists and realizes that the engineer has been sent to the wrong place. So he rings up Lucifer and demands that the engineer be sent up. Lucifer says NO WAY. This guy was the best thing to ever happen here. He's got the AC working, we have running water and cable now too, and next week he thinks we will get internet access and an ice cream machine. God is pissed and yelling says "I'll sue". Lucifer says LOL where are you going to get a lawyer and hangs up.

by Gunder January 26, 2007
Mightest sword in the fictional world of JRR Tolkien. Its name means "chill star" or "cold star" in Sindarin, and it gittered like ice. It was the sword of Fingolfin, High King of the Noldor, the most brave and powerful warrior of all the Children of Iluvatar.
Fingolfin wounded Morgoth with Ringil seven times in single combat, forever maiming his walk.

by Gunder January 26, 2007
What happens to your laptop when it uses a Sony battery.

Sony batteries for portable computing cause some laptops and notebooks to burst into literaly flames. "Sparks" the largest recall of portable computers in history.

Damn, my laptop turned into a PC-B-Q. Thank you Sony NOT.

by Gunder January 29, 2007
A word coined in the Polly Platt book "French or Foe" to describe the attitude towards being on time that is prevelant in Mediterranean cultures and countries as opposed to northern European countries and cultures. In north European countries it is generally felt that being 15 minutes late for a meeting is somewhat rude, and half-an hour is late enough for the people to become quite annoyed. In France the criterea for being late is much more relaxed. Meetings NEVER start less than 15 minutes after the scheduled time, and showing up on the scheduled time for a social gathering at someone's house is just rude.
Pierre: I have arrived!
Herman: Late as usually. But he is French and therefore quarkochronic, so he can't help it.

by Gunder January 26, 2007
A person expert in the rules of government that give structure to a society. Often useful and a requirement of modern life. In the US the number of lawyers has proliferated beyond all reasonable need and they often collude to make work for each other (see: Congress). Have a bad reputation due to overly exhorbitant fees and a number of highly publicized cases where a lawyer does not serve his client properly.
My wife fell and broke her arm in the supermarket because they left a trap door open. I guess I'll need a lawyer.

Some lawyer befriended my grandmother and got her to change her will on her death bed cutting off the charities she was going to leave her estate to and leave it to him instead.
by Gunder January 26, 2007

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