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Once considered one of the Valar,he was at first called Melkor before he turned to evil ways, Stealing the Silmarils, Corrupting the Maia; Sauron, Destroying the two trees and the lamps in Valinor.
"Melkor that is, Morgoth destroyed the trees that gave light to Valinor."
by Manave Eru Sulanul July 05, 2004
The original evil goy in Tolkien's Lord Of The Rings, one of the original Valar and Ainur created by Iluvatar. overthrown by the Valar. Original boss of Sauron. Stole the Silmarils.
Morgoth is evil.
by rewh December 15, 2003
The god of the Peens. He who rules with the mighty peen-hammer.
All peensters bow before Morgoth!
by Tobias May 05, 2004
unwashed and unclean in appearance
erk that yellow jacket is so morgoth, it stinks man
by FiST June 16, 2003
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