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Used as an alternative to "Okay!"
Johny: Let's go see a movie.
Stanley: Rock it!
by Graham October 22, 2004
derived from the word headie..meaning headjob... and can be used in conversation without insulting the ladies
"she gave me a GREAT EDDIE!!!"
by graham June 24, 2004
Common greeting between friends who get all the ladies
"Wuttup PLAYA!?
by Graham January 31, 2004
The vaguely apathetic obscenity delivered by a hatchmonkey to his hundredth mutley of the night who wants something he can't have, and is therefore annoyed.
The guy was demanding to get in to use the loo, but the guy inside just corwyn'd.
by Graham November 30, 2004
A person of usualy lower class, but not reserved to, who is of the utmost atrocity. Generaly characterized by the scuzzy clothes and various types of mullets(the mullet however is not a definite characterisric). Usually lives in the drug ville part of time most of the time a habitual crank addict. Listens to Lynard Skynard and other rd neck type bands, possibly Dire Striats. Red neck music is not a dead give away however for the dirt head also listens to rap music while professing to be quote un-quote "pecker wood."
Billy Ray Cyrus
any person with ray for a middle name
steven wyatt
by Graham January 02, 2004
the death of all the "lol" in the room, chat room, thread, etc.
oh wow. jjcoolj just killed that thread. what a lolocaust.
by Graham November 02, 2003
a wrestling psycho dwarf
Puppet the Psycho Dwarf
by Graham March 29, 2005
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