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40 definitions by Graham

referring to when when a girl sloppily jumps on a mans penis as he is standing
The two sloppy girls, jenna and lindsay, jumped harrison and i's chains
by graham January 27, 2003
Of very shoddy worksmanship, but is called Corinthian to make it sound very impressive.
My car came with Corinthian leather seats, so they marked up the price.
by Graham April 19, 2005
This word is a London cockney word used to describe a woman as disgusting ugly.
She is being likened to the bramah cows of India.
by Graham March 19, 2005
ment as an insult.
William Bullock
by Graham June 04, 2003
The Auto- Shotty, The 12 Gauge, The n00b cannon. Very Powerful, very unaccurate gun in CS (Counter Strike). I Only Use It On fy_Iceworld.
He pumped my back with the n00b cannon
by Graham October 20, 2003
Insult usually aimed at the species of Louis
Louis a such a "lardbutt"
by Graham September 15, 2004
Slang shortform of 'evangelism'. Used as a noun describing the act of 'reaching out', talking to strangers in public about Jesus Christ, or their faith.
'So Rich, are you up for doing some vangie tonight on Tooting Broadway after work?
by Graham January 10, 2005