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A load of crap learnt in sixth form colleges. covering religon, art, literature, science and maths
"Are you going to general studies?"
"No General Studies Is Crap!!!"
by Graham October 20, 2003
A random sound that can be made at any period of time. Usually said when something funny happens
How you doing?
by Graham September 15, 2004
Basically another word for a pikey. They are the scum of society. Usually get around on stolen mopeds. Hang around in groups. Steal anything that they can get carry. They wear rings the size of golf balls from Argos. Pikeys like to know themselves as travellers
Blazin' Squad are a bunch of "pikosts"
by Graham September 15, 2004
Basically means 'to feel cheated'. Has a strong element of the subject (by whom is swizzed) being cheap / nasty / predictable / boring
'I feel totally swizzed by that poxy night out with those generic, brainless mongs.' Usually gay men, in my case.
by Graham November 24, 2003
A messy or disorganized person.
"Hey slop-can! Your room is a mess!"
by Graham December 10, 2003
A worker in an all night gas station. One that operates via a hatch, or window.
How about we order ten things, only one at a time. Really work that hatchmonkey. It'll be a laugh.
by Graham November 30, 2004
Any feline that seems to have an almost insatiable hunger, the 'Harry' will forever be miaooowsking and a whining rubbing it's flea bitten carcass around your legs until you capitulate and feed vast quantities of cat fattening nosh.
The 'Harry' will often eat itself to such a balloon like dimension that passage through a catflap becomes impossible.
"Hey! dude your Harry looks like it's houseridden"
by Graham October 14, 2004
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