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The notorious Night Elf hero who is named the Priestess of the Moon. A woman who rides a giant pussycat.
I just slept POTM while she was casting Starfall. w00t!
by Graham May 24, 2003
The act of masturbating with no visual material.
The poor ethiopian boy had to freestyle because he had no computer or magazines.

Bobby had to freestyle because his mom threw out all the Sears Catalogues
by Graham January 25, 2004
A Buddhist between the ages of 8 and 20, particularly of Shambhala Buddhists, or children of students of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche.
OH NO! The Dharma Brats are coming, run to the stupa!
by Graham April 17, 2006
To ramble, usually about total shite (and usually drunkenly)
"I'm really sorry about wittering on the other night. We really should have gone for an espresso instead."
by Graham November 24, 2003
Being Chinese and throwing all over the back of a public bus and then flicking the chunks off of your shirt onto bus patrons.
I tonged like 40 times last night
by Graham January 19, 2004
the suffix that makes any person/place/thing cool as hell sounding. Sometimes the root word must be modified or added on -o- on to make it even cooler
the swimming pool-o-tron
easy bake oventron
by Graham January 01, 2004
The ghetto of Berkshire. This multi-cultural area is divided into two continents; the northside (often called the shithole) being renowned for its trampishness and being a habitat for chavs and pikosts. The southside is the more prestidge part of the village, where the rich and famous tend to live. The main feature of the southside is the recycling bank which is regularly set alight or used as a launchpad for fireworks by the Tyson's or other young scamps living in the area
I got shot when I was walking past the Eton Wick chippy
by Graham April 11, 2005

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