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the unshaven heaven in which we all like to take a dip.
In Diana Jones: The temple of Poon.
by Graham April 13, 2004
Having one's pants pulled down
"I got pansted today at school."
by Graham February 10, 2003
A person who participates in an activist group or as an individual for the rights of children to remain genitally intact retaining their foreskin the frenulum and ridged band also called Taylor's band
As an intactivist Billy fights to end medically unnecessary infant circumcision through education of the public and government.
by Graham January 03, 2004
The erogenous teather of the ridged band also called Taylor's band to the frenular delta and glans penis. Provides sexual pleasure when stretched by retracting the foreskin also serves to keep the foreskin forward protecting the glans penis and meatus.
When the penis becomes erect the traction on the frenulum provides extreme pleasure for the male.
by Graham January 03, 2004
1.The retractable fold of skin covering the tip of the penis or clitoris. 2. A bald dickhead's rug.
1. As you have no teeth, I would like you to chew my prepuce.
by Graham August 30, 2003
A box built for shitting in. Often found on campsite grounds.
I really let loose with a storm of poop on the thunderbox.
by Graham February 01, 2004
The notorious Night Elf hero who is named the Priestess of the Moon. A woman who rides a giant pussycat.
I just slept POTM while she was casting Starfall. w00t!
by Graham May 24, 2003

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