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A gentle way to say that someone is just unintelligent.
-Danny failed his third test this week.
-Well, he's not not the sharpest tool in the shed, you know.
by Golan September 07, 2005
A grand, one thousand dollars.
-How much does this purse cost?
-I don't know. A G-note of something.
by Golan January 20, 2005
A TV network paying an actor not to go elsewhere while they are trying to locate a project to star him.
Kirsty got a wonderful holding deal from NBC.
by Golan March 17, 2005
A derogatory name for a British beat cop.
-Where were you all this time?
-Some PC Plod arrested me for throwing a cigarette in the street.
by Golan February 17, 2005
Find the golden path between two different options.
You should groom yourself, but not be obssessed about it. You have to strike a happy medium.
by Golan May 30, 2005
to cause someone to suffer emotional and mental problems
Drugs can mess you about
by Golan August 23, 2004
To perform not as well as expected, to let down.
The team practised a lot before the game, 'cause they didn't want to let the side down.
by Golan May 06, 2005
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