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A word which used to refer to the male getting married at a wedding or, as a verb, meant to look ater your appearance. However it has recently been hijacked by the press and now refers to the action in which a paedophile pursues an individual child via the internet.
"I hear that record producer king guy has been grooming kids over the internet since his release"
by Jizzmopper September 18, 2005
The ultimate trump card. A way to instantly end any conversation which is about to head in a negative direction.
Amanda is great at sports, she was the best catcher on her team. Grooms!
by F Company Bandit April 04, 2011
Male principal in a wedding ceremony.
The scared groom was as stiff as a broom.
by Reuel Titus October 17, 2003
Either of two male principals in a civil union.
The horny grooms were stiff as brooms on their wedding night!
by Adam n' Steve November 05, 2004
a dirty Mongolian Mexican half-breed who lives in squalor, characterized by excessive chew stains around mouth and clothing; lack of hair, penis is also usually nothing to brag about
girl 1: "was he ugly as fuck?"

girl 2: "yes he was, but nothing as vile as a Grooms"
by shithead849864 February 04, 2010
one is to be imprisoned too a life of tortuous pain
I used to be happy now I am married!
by Michael March 21, 2005
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