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When you give yourself a mangina and show all your friends.
Hey look Jims hittin the G note!" or "c'mon guys hit the G note
by Dano562 August 09, 2011
A grand, one thousand dollars.
-How much does this purse cost?
-I don't know. A G-note of something.
by Golan January 20, 2005
1. $1000
2. One thousand Dollars
Yo, that hoopty was a g note.

Bitch stole a g note from my crib
by good looks July 26, 2008
When a player scores a goal in hockey.
Did you see that g-note Connor scored the other game?
by 172391 January 03, 2012
When you score a goal. Mostly used in hockey, can be used in soccer or other sports as well.
'You G-Note this weekend man?'
'Yea dude I G-Noted twice'
by Boston Red Sox March 30, 2006
One half of the famous rap duo G-Note and Wooded Z.
Their album "Blinguistics" has been rapidly thriving in circulation around the internet and the buzz around the album hasn't been seen since Kanye West's "College Dropout".
Lyric Quotation from G-Note & Woooded Z's "Pop Kulcha" -

Wooded Z:
And my big black rhyme-dog, my man G-Note, He gets as violent as Quintin Tarantino, If you call him pop, cause he's rap for real, ulike these manufactured teeny sluts like Hilary & Seal
by brandon February 26, 2005
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