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5 definitions by Glides

A word used when you're trying to embellish something that clearly didn't happen that way. Usually used when you're trying to sound cool, though by using this word you are the complete opposite.
"Hey, guess what? I just got a car!"

"What kind of car?"

"I got an actual Hummer. An actual Hummer, no chizz"
by Glides April 03, 2010
The art of shutting up and calming down when someone tells you to chill-lax
I was in a really bad mood earlier, but now im chill-laxing
by Glides April 03, 2010
Similar to the word relax, but it means mainly to chill out. It is used even when someone really is chill-laxing

Also is used as a nicer way to get someone to shut up
"Oh, God, man, I really hated that movie, why do you like it so much?"

"Just chill-lax, man"
by Glides April 03, 2010
A really weird dance done by Johnny Depp in the movie Alice in Wonderland, but is used randomly and as a pun for no reason at any time
That's gotta Futterwacken you up
by Glides June 02, 2010
A more humorous version of the words "Neat" or "cool"

First said by the character Butters from South Park
"Hey, that trick sure was neato."
by Glides September 22, 2010