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A calm or relaxed state of being. A dude who is both relaxed and chill.
Dude 1: geesh brah you gonna hit those massive swells or what!

Dude 2: Brah you got to chill-lax and feal the motion of the ocean.
by Jacob Flood August 31, 2006
Chillin' and relaxin' at the same time. Kicking back and keeping it low.
Tonight, all the homies are going to be chill-lax, nothing too crazy. We'll just go to the bar and end our night there.
by D-Train March 23, 2005
don't fret, wait and it will get better, don't get worry lines, it's not that important so don't let it get to you, be super cool, not easily ruffled.
Yes, the police stopped you for no reason, but chill-lax and you will be okay.
by berniemacmadethiswordpopular July 21, 2009
Similar to the word relax, but it means mainly to chill out. It is used even when someone really is chill-laxing

Also is used as a nicer way to get someone to shut up
"Oh, God, man, I really hated that movie, why do you like it so much?"

"Just chill-lax, man"
by Glides April 03, 2010
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