118 definitions by Geoff

A rare Texan speccies of ass ole
you Lord_Luc, what did you stick your hand in the mincer for?
by geoff February 11, 2004
a little ball that remains in the hair of your rump crack after a grogan
after that dump at the wedding i was left with a pile of gonzagee balls
by geoff December 14, 2003
to tell someone not to do something
whoa please dont walk thanks
by geoff March 09, 2003
A lady´s hole
Cunt/vagina/axe wound/spaz hole/beef curtains/box/saddle bags/
by Geoff January 25, 2004
(1)A great band that dosent exsist but i wish did.
(2)Something very exciting in her pants.
"Dude i found the Grand Royal!"
by Geoff March 27, 2003
Douchebag; turdwanker; buffoon
"Geez, you're such a metallicaeg
by Geoff March 28, 2005
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