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Verb, transitive.

To be amazed, awestruck or suprised into a lapse in action.

To stop what one is doing because of the shock of an event or action.
I was flabbergast at the previously posted example for flabbergast, which prompted my entry for the word.
by Nate January 22, 2004
to amaze, perplex
If if doesn't flabbergast the audience in the auditorium, the veterans probably won't care.
by The Return of Light Joker September 10, 2010
to cum
"oh dude i flabbergasted all over that girl's face last night"
by muncan February 18, 2010
the motion your ass cheeks make when you rip a huge one
Bob is flabbergasting he must have let one go.
by Geoff January 20, 2004