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103 definitions by Gary

It stands for Super High Output. Ford makes the Taurus SHO
I am outside working on my SHO. Then I am going to go for a ride in my SHO.
by gary December 01, 2003
The stage inbetween Tipsy and Bladdered.
Im not pissed, im just merry!
by gary December 24, 2004
adjective describing someone in a tense state of mind; nervous; apprehensive
Jim: Why is Ed so edgy today when im around?
Jimmy: I fink he fucked your girlfriend last nite wen they were pissed.
by Gary March 25, 2005
A homosexual male.
That gayblade over there thinks you're cute.
by gary December 28, 2003
A gentleman who rides on the Marmite motorway. A pillow biter. Either a Quarter Back or a Wide Reciever. A botter.
Look at that gentleman he seems to be commiting an act of gross indecency on that other young chap. Yes, he is an arse bandit.
by Gary December 26, 2003
A description of a girl who is a bit tubby but is cute and is probably nice to cuddle. Posessing a relitivy large, but perfectly formed "bummable" backside.
That girl Charlotte, she's so bumble.
by Gary July 27, 2004
to go away with more emphasis
Jim: can I come on the trip to the zoo
Gary: of course not, fuck away
Timo: that wasn't nice
Gary: you fuck away too buddy
by Gary November 15, 2004