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Nabilah, Nabilah, wherefore art thou a frend of Her! Deny that friendship, come to me! I Love you Nabilah, Marry Me!
Nabilah, a teardrop on the cheek of time.
by Gary February 24, 2004
to go away with more emphasis
Jim: can I come on the trip to the zoo
Gary: of course not, fuck away
Timo: that wasn't nice
Gary: you fuck away too buddy
by Gary November 15, 2004
"Troops" is a slang word for mates, ften used in West Central Scotland. Many gang, or "young team" member will refer to their fellow cronies as "the troops".
Also, "troopz" or "troopers" are acceptable terms to use.
Awrite troops. Who we doin in eh night?
by Gary February 25, 2005
Another word for sausage-fest back packing (camping). Originally coined as a term in the San Francisco Bay Area by a Cal student.
We're going gayqueering this weekend.
by Gary December 30, 2004
Driving around in your vehicle with your weenie hanging out the window and flappin in the wind.
They always smile and wave back when they see me out weenie wavin.
by gary March 05, 2003
n. "kalis", complete ownage, domination, ultimate skill
by Gary February 14, 2003
Used to describe someone that is oddly hot. Someone not classically good looking, or someone that looks dangerous. A blend of the words sexy and sketchy.
"Look at that punk rocker over there, he's kinda skexy"

"Call me crazy but I think that homeless person over there is kinda skexy"
by Gary June 15, 2006

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