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Widespread, ineffective insult globally used by townies, kevs and their offspring. Used as a counter insult by citizens with the I.Q of a bucket of sewage water (and the B.O of one)
Your mum originated, presumably, in the UK, which just adds another thing to the list that we'll be embarrased we thought of when we look back at this 10 years from now
Your mum is effectively dead towards punks, grungers, and emos, and ironically has been added to their arsenal of townie impressions.
However, mentioning 'your mum' to a townie or similar missing link of the gene code may result in serious bodily harm, so if you do have to insult them, use words with more than 6 letters to leave them stunned and confused.
A: Fuck you
B: Fuck your mum

A: You're gay
B: Your mum's gay
by Gary February 18, 2004
To short for pants, to long for shorts. Shants
Garrett wears shants cause is family is to poor to buy pants.
by Gary June 06, 2003
already been done...
your buddy points out a girl and you say she's an "ABD". he should run away quickly.
by gary February 14, 2005
A word illiterates like to use with an insult or otherwise wrong method.
<C>Your coming with me to the cinema tonight?

<XjayD> Do I own a "coming with me?" In fact, I do. That's my dog's name. Coming with me, to the cinema! On the double!
by gary August 04, 2004
Means anything you want it to mean.
I am a shang
You are a shang
I want to shang you
Shang me now
by Gary November 26, 2003
shit, human feces, eaten from one's ass..usually in scat play and other sexually related pratices
I ate scat directly from Cindy as she squatted over my face and let it out
by Gary February 05, 2005
See: Stupid
See: Evil
See: Hingo
"Humans are stupid."
"Humans are evil."
"Humans like Hingo."
by Gary September 07, 2004

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