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A name most commonly used to express British ancestry. Sometimes used in contemporary America by former sexual partners of the so-called "Ingle" to unwittingly express the insignificance the former partner has in the Ingle's life. Very often these former partners will post slanderous messages in regards to the true meaning of the name Ingle.
Julie- "Mike is is such an Ingle!"

Beth- "Oh my god, I can't believe you blew Mike Ingle, he is such an amazing guy. You should feel privileged."

Julie-"God damn!"

by Hoddilydidster March 20, 2008
A grocery chain of the southeasterern U.S... kind of a cheap-ass place to work.
What! I don't get a discount?!?
by rumpelstilzkin June 26, 2003
a place, thing, or act that is the shiznit
Your girlfriend decides to give you fellatio. You may procede to say "Ingles"
by Phil and Pat McGroin May 11, 2005
sexually frustrated and confused, someone who is weak willed, especially when being told what to do by his spouse, but likes to pretend he is the one in charge
"he says its his choice but he's so under thumb, a total ingle"

-"he listens to rammstein? he hates that stuff?"
-"it his Mrs. He's an ingle"
by anon February 26, 2004
A total merkin. A person who is a complete cretin. Usually is totally inept with females and sports a beard.
"Oh god, he's such a ingle"
by stu February 18, 2004
A selfish, inconsiderate, spoilt bastard. Someone who never considers anyone else except themselves.
Someone who would stitch you up at the slightest chance to get a lay.
Someone who would happily ruin your chances with pulling someone, cos he would be convinced they find him attractive and enjoy his oafish behaviour.
"What, he never paid you back? What an ingle"
by Gary March 06, 2004
A big dumb fuck.
"See that guy standing over there? He's a total Ingle"
by MarkH February 25, 2004
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