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103 definitions by Gary

"Troops" is a slang word for mates, ften used in West Central Scotland. Many gang, or "young team" member will refer to their fellow cronies as "the troops".
Also, "troopz" or "troopers" are acceptable terms to use.
Awrite troops. Who we doin in eh night?
by Gary February 25, 2005
Portly fat bastard, and former assistant coach of the world's most hated team. Used as a bowling ball by the great Pedro. Looks like Jabba the Hut.
I hope I never end up looking like Don Zimmer.
by Gary April 23, 2004
Common term for the population north of the River Liffey in Dublin, Ireland. Female of the population comonly attired in matching tracksuits in pastel shades (styled to show off thegunt), large gold hooped earings, much hair regrowth showing in the natural darker shade and an orange tint to the skin. Common accessory is a pram or cigarette.
by Gary July 09, 2003
When you pay for things you are not able to attain any other way. Like sex, friends, and championships.
I got laid by a fine honey, all i had to do was pull a steinbrenner
by Gary April 20, 2004
To take a monster dump
Time to rock the bathroom, tape the simpsons, this is gonna take awhile...
by Gary February 09, 2005
a vegan burger
That girl has no hair because she cant get any protein due to the fact that all she eats is pussyburgers and carrots
by gary February 23, 2004
n. "kalis", complete ownage, domination, ultimate skill
by Gary February 14, 2003