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A tall person ( giraffe) who is as stupid as a donkey ( stupid )
Oh, jeez! Joby is such a gironkey...he is so tall and stupid, yet he could not even replace the light bulb in his room.
by Gadget King January 18, 2011
Morning or evening newspaper or TV channel giving you the most and updated news of the day, from all over.
Of all the newspapers locally available, THE DAILY NEWS is the newsiest paper around.
by Gadget King January 17, 2011
The intricate act of hopping on one foot while trying to get a sock or hosiery on the other foot. (verb)
I love watching my girlfriend doing a hose hop when she gets dressed.
by Gadget King January 17, 2011
A person that gives up on everything, even before trying or attempting to try.
Oh, I KNOW I cannot do this...it is too difficult. I am a quitloser
by Gadget King January 14, 2011
The act of people causing a nuisance or making a noise.
I could not hear the TV, as the children were noising too much.
by Gadget King January 14, 2011
When a vehicle bumps into another object, damage is caused, mainly a dent.
My car was accidented when I backed into the wheelbarrow.
by Gadget King January 12, 2011
When you drink coffee, you are sometimes overcome by a fit of coughing. In order not to choke, you spray the coffee from your mouth. The liqiud coming from your mouth, is known as COUGHFEE.
Jimmy choked while drinking coffee and sprayed everyone with COUGHFEE.
by Gadget King November 11, 2011

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