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Any group of mainly landborne animal or reptile, moving without feet.
Snakes, etc
The National Zoo has a large selection of slitherati on view.
by Gadget King January 19, 2011
Descriptive of a person, normally a female, who cannot stop talking. She normally takes over a conversation and acts like she is an expert on the subject.
The tongue sometimes appears to be suntanned.
Jenny is such a nice person otherwise, pity she is a tongue tanner.
by Gadget King January 19, 2011
Delicately twirled faeces, especially with a slightly loose stool, like a soft serve ice cream.
After I had a crap, it looked like a chocolate bogserve.
by Gadget King January 19, 2011
The mucus some people are fond of digging out and promptly eating it, hot from the nose.
I watched the idle taxi driver enjoying a meal of nose nosh while he was waiting for a call.
by Gadget King January 18, 2011
The act of trying to make peace with somebody you did an injustice to
It took some serious nosebrowning to convince my girlfriend that she is still the only one in my life after she had found a pair of panties in my car.
by Gadget King January 18, 2011
The fear of buying a new gadget, not knowing how it works.
The old lady rather settled for a manual can opener, as she had an attack of gadgefobia when the sales person insisted on giving her a demonstration
by Gadget King January 17, 2011
When a workshop or kitchen is filled with gadgets of all kinds.
He has such a gadgetised kitchen, because every available space is filled with gadgets.
by Gadget King January 14, 2011
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