The term used when someone is under the influence of BOTH drugs AND alcohol.
Wow, that guy is so 'polluted'
by FontE November 05, 2003
The term has an origin in Scarface.

a. Something that has the quality or condition of being unsavory or tainted.

b. A slander or offence against someone who is supposed to be one of your friends.

c. A person(s) who is/are sexually contaminated, with a high likelyhood of disease. The actual having of the disease is not important, just the likelyhood.
Example A: Question: How are the wings, man? Answer: They taste three days old! They're just polluted!

Example B: "Why'd you have to cheat at cards! That's polluted!"

Example C: "Dennis was with three chicks in the past 2 days. You know he's strung out and don't wrap it up! He's polluted for sure!"
by J. Collier December 23, 2005
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