34 definitions by Gadget King

The process of walking around in malls, looking for gadgets to buy.
It is easy to see when a person is GADGETATING, because he picks up everything and studies it.
by Gadget King January 14, 2011
The pieces of crap clinging to the side of the toilet bowl during heavy bowel movements.
After a fit of diarrhea, the side of the toilet was plastered with sCRAPnel
by Gadget King November 17, 2011
The act of doing wrong.
Johnny was caught culpritating. (doing wrong)
by Gadget King September 22, 2011
When you dip your cake in your coffee, some pieces float to the bottom and when swallowing, you get a mouthful of a mixture of coffee and cake.
Wow! That was a nice bit of coffake I had!
by gadget king February 15, 2011
A piece of bubblegum stuck under your shoe and comes adrift when you walk on an expensive Flokati.
A piece of bubblegum stuck to the seat of your pants, having sat down on it while sitting down in a coach or movie theater
Jeez! This damn piece of trubblegum stuffed up my new trousers!
by gadget king February 04, 2011
The act of not exactly sitting, but not exactly standing over a LONGDROP, but more a case of just bending the knees with your bum a few inches above the seat when wanting to defecate
The longdrop was somewhat very dirty, so I had to lavitate while trying to have a crap.
by Gadget King January 19, 2011
A tall person ( giraffe) who is as stupid as a donkey ( stupid )
Oh, jeez! Joby is such a gironkey...he is so tall and stupid, yet he could not even replace the light bulb in his room.
by Gadget King January 18, 2011

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