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gay slang- an act preformed on a fat man. the other man folds the fat man belly to form a crease, then the man on top fucks the crease.
Shane pumpkin styled Brandon last night!
by Gabe January 24, 2005
High, Inebriated. Derived from T9 text messaging on most cell phones.
"Man, Jamie and I got really 4444 off that AK47 bud he had."
by Gabe March 02, 2005
I hate you Howie Day. I hate you so much. You're going down.
Howie day is probably going to be dead.
by gabe November 17, 2004
Chambakoo is a spanish derogatory phrase for an ass licker. Someone who would toss the salad.
Tom became a chambakoo after that night in jail when he tossed Gomez's salad.
by Gabe August 03, 2004
Lost And Presumed Destroyed
OJ Simpson Trial
by Gabe October 14, 2003
Great band and the only good black metal band to ever exist.
Oh, please. Fuck the lyrics, just listen to the music.
by Gabe November 22, 2003
I will get back to ya
i looking like having one later long assfucking
by Gabe March 21, 2005

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