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a person with a gigantic penis
stephanie couldnt walk correctly for a week after sleeping with an Elan
by Johnny Terumanda January 21, 2008
A devastatingly Handsome creature but upon further study many other distinguishing characteristics pop out. Elans tend to be very competitive and are known to sling mud if it is losing. Elans tend to be hilarious causing all around him to laugh. Elans can be cocky but over all they are very loving and a good friend to have on your side. Elans like to use words like rim job or gayper. If you combine an Elan with a Fuger, Rasor, or an RT the level of hilarity can be dangerous! If you would like to trap an Elan the best bait to use is an Xbox 360, beer or a big tittied woman (with or with out the butta face.)If you capture an Elan prepare yourself for a sleazy good time but what ever you do don't lend its broke ass any money :)
This party is lame you know what it needs? It needs an Elan.
by IamSummer February 06, 2008
the most amazing person ever.
who will stand up for his mates.

his strength gives me hope

always and forever.
wow Elan is amazing
by always&forever11 August 18, 2010
elan is the cutest most amazing boyfriend anyone could have. hes sweet caring and just all around a good boyfriend even though he may not be perfect in the end elan always comes through and makes you smile
elan can be a douche bag but in the end hes worth dealing with
by LOVEFOREVR June 06, 2011
Extremely intelligent and beautiful young lady with a pronounced wildside, though this is set coterminus with a tremendous respect for those who follow the rules of rationality. A thinker and an doer.
Elan may break the rules, but she knows how not to get caught. Not that she cares anyway.
by Avatar August 01, 2003
Elan is a mexican taco vendor, he makes the best taco's you'll ever taste, in 2001 elan was beaten up by five chinese midgets at a bar in florida, elan also never misse's a chance to fiesta, elan is 5 ft 2 and smells of burnt taco cheese.
Elan: get your tacos here

Sexy Guy named josh: okay i'll take one:
by Butbuglar88 July 30, 2012
a diarrhea of text messages, sending multiple text messages in separate rows
i totally elan her, hit that girl up with ten text messages in a row ,
by TaurusBirdie May 13, 2015
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