52 definitions by Gabe

Great band and the only good black metal band to ever exist.
Oh, please. Fuck the lyrics, just listen to the music.
by Gabe November 22, 2003
To be more retarded than all; a person more retarded than all
you're so omnitarded
by Gabe November 02, 2003
of or related to a dwarf, elf, gnome of other small personage
I am midgeticious
by Gabe November 02, 2003
To laugh and then choke
by Gabe October 17, 2003
a weed casorol, often found in a "Nick scarpettas ass"
Get ur budoroni out of ny butt, u roni
by gabe June 20, 2003
slang mostly used by beaners to tell people when they have just arrived
hey puto when u get here? shit man i just burely got here.
by Gabe March 20, 2005
an extremely fat and ugly girl
Look at that sunty mc sunt, she must weigh at least 350.
by Gabe February 23, 2005

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