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A rare, small woodland creature known for being happy and cute. Often the little fur ball will lure its victims in with its kitten-like charm only to force them to pet them and later eat them alive. Despite their evil nature, Margots are widely loved and sought after throughout the world.
Ryan: You'll never guess what I saw in the woods yesterday!
Paul: What?
Ryan: A sweet, little Margot!
Paul: Awwww!
Ryan: Yeah, but then the little bitch bit me.
Paul: I have ten scars.
Ryan: But its so cute!
by la negrita February 17, 2009
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a hot french chick who talks like she's drunk all the time and makes you wanna bang her all night long
man, that girl is a margot i can't understand her but she's HOT
by ssamm May 26, 2008
Biggest bootied girl i've ever mett' (:

This girl is just truly amazing and deserves to have her own dictionary definition, margot is absoluetly gorgeous, and has a bigg o booty ;)
Damnnn, That booty looks like a margot! XD
by Gioooo; December 28, 2009
hot ass bitch who loves to party and have a good time
by draaakee December 07, 2010
an extremely sexy girl with brown hair and hazel eyes who lives in Dallas and goes to my school. someone you would love to bang
that girl looks just like margot!
The most beautiful girl I've ever seen and had the chance of meeting. She is by far, the most perfect girl anyone could ever ask for and just takes my breath away. I've said she reminds me of Torrie Wilson but she is more gorgeous than her. Words can't go to the degree to describe her so that's why I'm gonna stop here.
Damn, that girl is beautiful. But, is anybody more stunning than Margot? I have yet to find that.
by Sunny Dre Carter III June 06, 2009
Hence, indeed.
Margot, Margot.
by Hence, Indeed May 19, 2010

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