44 definitions by G-Unit

the same thing as your wanger
Sunny K has a popurt the size of a twig.
His popurt is very microscopic.
by G-Unit May 05, 2003
Derek Danser cause he aint got no game & ima shamed!
Derek dawg ur such a Wanksta
by G-UNIT April 26, 2003
a beer or other malt beverage
Let's go to the bar and drink some ice cold heisters
by G-Unit March 11, 2004
the small things that are enjoyable in the world. Like hot girls...wait thats a big thing. The small things are like when you take a dump and your shit comes out clean
damn man my small thing had so much room in her pussy.
by g-unit January 28, 2004
an act of sheer perversity;a disgusting habit
He just whacked off on that cat, thats a fraino
by G-Unit March 26, 2003
A phrase used to size up something; ie when talking about how small some new electronics are, the ability to eat them is descriptive of its small size.
'Check out my new Ipod Mini.'
'Sweet. I could eat it'
by G-Unit May 01, 2004
Cool, awesome, deaf, ill, dope, for real
yo that trick was so jiggaphat
by G-unit April 30, 2003

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