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If Snoop Dogg and Ludacris said it it must me cool. Similar to Fo' Shizzle My Nizzle.
Fo' shizzle dizzle. It's the big Snoop Dogg Farizzle
by g-unit February 04, 2004
Supposed to be "hit a lick" which means it was easy for you to rob someone
yo, I hit a lik cause they left the window down on their car and the cd player in the front seat.
by G-unit September 04, 2004
word to describe the combinations of small hawaii girl and ripped Boston stud
aww, lil bubl.....PEEP
by G-unit May 11, 2004
Being extremely intoxicated.
After all those shots, we were totally Bitch Housed.
by G-Unit April 12, 2004
word invented by Nick Gibson to call jourdan and merisa. Meaning unknown
MJ: Hey biotch!
NG: Hey Coones
by G-UNIT March 12, 2005
one cow wants to do another cow
penis in vagina, feels good
by g-unit March 17, 2005
A movie rating: Extreme titties and violence
That movie was rated ETV for extreme titties and violence
by g-unit August 21, 2004

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