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44 definitions by G-UNIT

term for a spasming of ones legs or other body appendages in bed which occur beyond a person's control.
i had jimmy legs after drinking too much the night before
by G-unit December 15, 2003
346 59
The new version of compton
Yo this is how we roll in camden
by G-unit March 13, 2005
427 190
a girl pimp
that bitch over there is a pimpette
by G-UNIT November 21, 2003
122 47
Calm your freaky ass down.
Bro, slow your roll before you get ur ass shot from a rent-a-cop for being so damn stupid.
by G-unit May 04, 2003
176 108
the slang G way to say "what the hell".
The HELL, dogg!
by G-Unit May 26, 2004
67 15
Referring to women's brests that's soo flat that the only thhing that shows through are the nipples...looking like raisins stuck to her flat chest.
Yo man, that girl P, she's got raisins bro!
by G-Unit January 17, 2005
82 39
These are clumps of rich, pre-pubescent, snobby kids who can be found on Fri. and Saturday nights hanging-out directly outside of the UA movie theater. The 13 and 14 yr. old girls show up scantily-clad in preppy Abercrombie mini's in the middle of winter. The guys skate around and think they're badass.
Meg- "yo, wanna buy some weed from us"
Bethesda trash-" sure, how much?"
Ileana-"20 bucks"
Bethesda trash-"ok, here's the money"
Nat-" haha, that stupid kid just bought oregano wrapped in toilet paper from us"
by G-Unit April 25, 2005
46 16