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Fake cop, wannbe cop, security gaurd. Black ghetto security gaurd (that will never happpen)
i got my ass shot by one of them gay ass rent-a-cops.
by G-unit May 02, 2003
homosexer is a person who enjoys the penetration pleasures of "dabutt"
that homosexer sure likes it in dabutt!
by G-Unit January 23, 2005
A German sausage

A derogatory term, usually with reference to the penis.
get your bratwurst out of my can, silly.

Hinnerk (who happens to be German) rather enjoys a juicy bratwust at supper time.

- "Hinnerk??" - "YEEEEESSSS???" - "you are such a damn bratwurst" - "SPOOME"
by g-unit July 02, 2003
Retard Irish Women
Dman when i was a tthe bar i met Shabong
by G-Unit April 27, 2003
The gay-est MGS character ever playable.

When finished sons of liberty//substance on very easy, and easy, play on normal to see Raiden with a gay pair of glasses.
In the normal difficulty, equip the infinity wig to see Raiden look like Elton John (most probably Raiden' gay idol).
Shit, Raiden looks really gay, like Elton john. No offence to Elton - he da man.....or the woman?.....or the.....im confused.
by G-UNIT March 15, 2005
you because your reading this web site for gangsta related shit, instead of going out on the street and selling drugs and getting fucked up.
Get CruCNK NiGga!!!..... oh wait you dont get fucked up cuz your in intanet gansta..

Im smacked as shit
by G-unit October 07, 2004
7th period is a fun period because we get to hang out and make fun of each other and cheat off each other and make out and knob slob and watch apryl eat bananas and watch israel hit on apryl and watch apryl give us bad looks bc we3 are staring at her and think that mr johnson has a thing for etan.
Excuse me, while I put my crouch in your face.
by g-unit March 30, 2004
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