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A phrase used to size up something; ie when talking about how small some new electronics are, the ability to eat them is descriptive of its small size.
'Check out my new Ipod Mini.'
'Sweet. I could eat it'
by G-Unit May 01, 2004
noun - something that makes no sense because no one knows what its deal is.
Kiwi is the tnc of all fruits. It has hair, wtf?
by G-unit March 16, 2004
can only tap that ass once. and your actually good at it. and that's the only time.
i slept with this guy twice, but he was a one-hit wonder
by G-Unit September 28, 2003
A large invisible, magical and often angry, elephant.
Likes to shit on cars.
Karma is the VENGEFUL elephant, watch out of he'll shit on you.
you know the song=
"karma, karma, karma the vengeful elephant"
by G-UNIT March 13, 2005
Nearly retarded, special ed, slow,
That moron just hit my car, what a gurb
by G-unit March 29, 2005
The Crossing of one's fingers and to insert them into the female's vagina and then twist repeatedly.
Received by Marko's mom repeatedly.
by G-UNIT January 21, 2003
a math method of which is used in the dorkiest manner;
NOTE: The "Hahn Method" will officially cease to exist when "The Phan" sees "Hahn" on a love gameshow such as Blind Date or The 5th Wheel and creates a new "Hahn Method" for getting a woman.
Last night, I used the Hahn on my math worksheet, but the Hahn did not help me AT ALL on the "Ho Test"
by G-UNIT December 16, 2004
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