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camden london very cool place if you want to be stabbed or want to buy some crack cocaine it is the lowlife centre of the universe .
hay do you want to buy some crack


repeat 15 times in 5 minutes at camden lock
by dylan garcia July 02, 2006
Located across the Delawere River from Philadelphia, in South New Jersey; Camden was rated the most dangerous city in the United States circa 2004. There are more crimes committed per square mile than any other city in the U.S. Camden is poverish African American community and largely filled with ghetto row-homes that are barely standing.
Don't be in Camden past dark, you will get merc'd for your kicks.
by Get down or Lay down August 10, 2005
A city where you can buy any drug you want on pretty much every corner. The most dangerous city in the country it has been rated as for the past 2 years now. There is no reason to be there unless you are buying a gun or buying drugs. You have no business being there if you are white unless you are a cop or some crazy a** m'fer. Never go there at night. Only thing there is the tweeter center where some concerts are held but i'd still watch my back if i went. Don't ever go there unless ur trying to buy a gun or some drugs...even then u got some balls drivin in there with anything more than a beat ass honda civic with no hub caps and half the paint peeling off with dents in the door. Never stare at people there...bad idea.
Camden is on some real hood shit.
by blahblahblah7575 May 18, 2006
One of the sweetest guys you can meet. You'll meet him somewhere, and from then on you all are talking. He's one of them that takes forever to respond, but that's okay cause all you can constantly do is think about him. He's very precious. He can make anyone's day better. He's cool as crap. You just want to talk to him 24/7 although he might not want to talk to you. He's a sweet and caring guy. Camden's are often good at things with wheels. He's just an amazing guy in general.
There goes that sweet, one of a kind Camden.
by hot digidy dog January 26, 2015
Camden is the most sweetest person he makes your heart melt even if your just his friend. Camden is so adorable and loving. You can easily open up to Camden about anything. Once you start talking theirs no going back. He has you hooked.
Look how sweet that guy is, he must be a Camden!
by Mahaly May 13, 2016
a smart ass bitch with a fire crotch
look at of fire crotch named camden
by creighton23 January 25, 2016
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