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Being in the process of having an erect penis.
She grabbed his crotch and realized she made him pointy.
by Forseti April 13, 2006
What you get when you have killed enough brain cells to not be able to say "brain damage" properly. Courtesy of The Simpsons.
I drank a bottle of bleach last night, so it's a wonder how I didn't get dain bramage
by Forseti April 11, 2006
Just like "for crying out loud", an exclamation of annoyance, usually as someone else being a complete moron.
Guy 1: Dude, I totally wrecked your car.
Guy 2: Oh for fucking out loud!
by Forseti April 10, 2006
A fat fucker.
An annoying asshole who always seems to be the places where you need him least.
What the hell is this porkfuck doing here?
by Forseti April 19, 2006
Underwear, as they are used to store a man's banana.
Dude, your dick just popped out of your banana basket.
by Forseti April 20, 2006
A great word for Trekkies or others who will live in their mother's basement until retirement.
Can you believe that trilobite from the chess club asked me out?
by Forseti April 13, 2006
A term of endearment for gay people. When you want to call them homosexual but feel a little fruity saying it yourself so you make it sound 'street'.
A man walks into a gay bar: "My oh my, isn't this a royally fagasexual establishment"
by Forseti April 19, 2006
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