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a person who does not know how to do anything at all.
the slapnut couldn't pour piss out of a boot with instructions on the heel.
by JOE December 22, 2003
an imcompatent person. A real Hozer. See {hozer}. A person that needs an ass whoopin'. Can also be said as slappy.
Fuck you Slap Nuts
by Big Smoke Dogg November 24, 2003
A term used by Jeff Jarrett in wCw to insult the fans. (Based off other definition of Slapnut)
"Listen up all you slapnuts, I am the chosen one."
by ZJP April 22, 2003
A subordinate person, usu. inferior; a working class stiff; one who must work hard and hastily.
"Yo, slap nuts, take out the garbage when you're finished washing the dishes."
by Anonymous August 15, 2003
Insult to be used in place of 'idiot', mostly for repeated offense of same idiotic behavior.
Yo slapnut....stop being such an assclown!
by Gregg March 08, 2005
commonly used insult, suggests the person jacks off a lot.
Shut the fuck up, slapnuts.
by kb June 26, 2003
a dumb ass person

only a dumb person would slap they nuts cause it hurt so bad
shut ur slap nut azz up
by byron powell July 25, 2005
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