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Woman utterly without worth. Not able to perform simple tasks or be relied upon to do any thing.
From the Latin Emmaus Mandamus.

Related Words Slack Mole
Jezz your x wife is a useless cow.

Can’t believe you are still going out with that useless cow.
by Ferret March 22, 2005
To be ripped off, taken for a ride, hooked liked a big fish. Derrived from a long fishing pole called a gaff which has a hook on the end.
Have you seen Steve's new car? He got gaffed when he bought that one.

Hey I sold that boat and geve the guy a severe gaffing over it.
by Ferret March 21, 2005
A Boiob are 2 breasts with a Penis between(the I is the penis)
You boiobed her and got it in her eye huh?
by Ferret October 20, 2003
From the Greek word meaning mouth, it is an artificial opening formed by surgery for internal organs to the skin surface. There are different types including a tracheotomy (formed from the windpipe), ileostomy (formed from the small bowel) colostomy (formed from the large bowel), and urostomy (formed from the bladder).

Slang usage of the term would be in relation to the reference to “Artificial Asshole”. See also stoma rammer.
Look out here comes old stoma face himself.

Who you calling stoma face? I a real asshole!

He has herpes on his stoma, looks like he’s been getting a bit on the side.
by Ferret March 22, 2005
The acquisition or use of a “cool” motor vehicle to remove the possibility of erectile dysfunction. Attempts at extending you’re sexual prowess by owing or associating with a car designed to excite sexually.
Hey did you see my new wheels? Yeah that is definately some serious piston viagra.
by ferret March 16, 2009
The last in a series of positive events that cumlminate in an overall good outcome.
So Jane made me sit next to her hot friend lisa then sat on the other side of me so I was in the middle, it was the straw that stroked the camel's sack!
by Ferret June 23, 2005
This is a term used to describe an all inclusive deal especially when purchasing a car, which includes all the “extra’s” like window tint, after care, extended warrant, mag wheels etc. Or when buying the top of the range model in something.
Wow he bought that car with the full lick and suck pack.

Nice Stereo, yeah I go the full lick and suck pack.
by Ferret March 21, 2005

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