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The most Amazing African-American woman who ever lived. Not only is she a billionare, she single-handedly turned millions of white soccer moms into her personal slaves. White women follow her like sheep
Oprah Winfrey : "Lissen white people. Buy this book. Ah sez its the best even though the author lies like a rug."
White soccer moms: "Yessum Miz Oprah! We do annyting you say Miz Oprah!"
Oprah: Now pay to attention to mah freend Doctor Phil. He know how to make yew wenches satisfy yo' bucks".
White soccer moms: "Lawdy!, We be hanging on all his words Miz Oprah."
by FederalQ2b February 11, 2006
The upper deck at a stadium, arena or theater.
It comes from the Jim Crow era when black people were forced to sit in the balcony of a movie house
The blue seats in Madison Square Garden
by federalq2b September 21, 2004
Firefighter slang for a police officer at a fire or accident involving hazardous materials. Usualy it's because cops will approach the scene without any breathing apparatus or protective gear. When you see the cop keel over, call the mop and glow squad and get the hell out!
Oh shit! We got an officer down by the overturned truck carrying Benzene. Call Chemtrec!
by FederalQ2B June 17, 2005
1) African-American charicter in the "Our Gang/Little Rascals" shorts played by Willie Mae Taylor.

2) Zydeco singer-Accordianist Stanley Dural Jr. who fronts the band Buckwheat Zydeco
And you know the battle cry
by Federalq2b June 04, 2005
A hot dog boiled in oil and served with onions and chili sauce. This is Paterson, NJ's contribution to American cuisine. People outside New Jersey will call this a "Coney Island" or 'chili dog", but they can't raise a candle to the Paterson Texas Weiner.
And yes, that's how we spell it! And if you want to start a big debate in Passaic County, NJ, just tell them that the Hot Grill in Clifton bakes better Texas Weiners than Libby's Lunch in Paterson or Pappy's Diner in Totowa. And you can say that everybody beats the Falls View.
by Federalq2b April 09, 2005
What pizza is called in Trenton, NJ. A lot of people in New Jersey consider Delorenzo's Tomato Pies the best pizza in New Jersey, and therefore the entire country. It's located in the famous Chambersburg secion
But I think anybody who reads Janet Evanovich knows that already. If you go to Delorenzo's, you'll be sure you saw Stephanie Plum, or you'll think you did cuz you saw a few big haired Jersey Girls
by Federalq2b March 04, 2005
A lineman for an electric utility or telephone company
They're either in CWA or IBEW
by federalq2b September 27, 2004
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