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What pizza is called in Trenton, NJ. A lot of people in New Jersey consider Delorenzo's Tomato Pies the best pizza in New Jersey, and therefore the entire country. It's located in the famous Chambersburg secion
But I think anybody who reads Janet Evanovich knows that already. If you go to Delorenzo's, you'll be sure you saw Stephanie Plum, or you'll think you did cuz you saw a few big haired Jersey Girls
by Federalq2b March 04, 2005
People involved in an idea or policy that is obviously self-defeating to everyone else but them. Used to described some group that is so clueless that one could show them a diesel engine and ask them to find the spark plugs.
The entire Bush administration and all others who decided to invade Iraq.
by federalq2b October 03, 2004
Traffic jam around a school caused by a plethora of mothers dropping off or picking up their children.
Damn! We have a mommy jam down the whole block. Jesus! We walked to school in our day, not like the pussies we got now.
by FederalQ2B August 30, 2007
The US Military Academy at West Point, NY. This term is often used either by residents ot the lower Hudson Valley or by officers of the Army who went through ROTC or OCS.
Actually, it's the first engineering college founded in the USA
by Federalq2b May 31, 2005
A sanitation worker (nice name for a garbagema)
He rides the tailboard of a garbage truck and shouts "Momeback!"
by federalq2b January 19, 2005
The Home Depot. Also called the "Home Cheapo".
Hey! I'll get a big box of flourescent light bulbs at the Home Ghetto! The state's subsidizing the purchace and it's $1.50 for a bulb
by FederalQ2B November 14, 2005
A Mercury Grand Marquis. It's what Ford calls it, which is appropriate because most of the people who buy them are old geezers suffering from Alzheimer's disease, and can't drive to save their lives.
Grand Ma.
Forida plates.
Handicaped tag hanging from a mirror.
If it drove any slower, it would be going backwards
by Federalq2b June 09, 2005

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