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A region streching from the Bronx to Albany. It includes the immediate suburbs of NYC (Westchester, Rockland), the NYC exurbs (Orange, Putnam, Dutchess), and the upper hudson valley (Idont remember the counties). Generally a mix of suburbs and exurbs, but once you get past Poughkeepsie its all farm land. Considered upstate to city people.

oh, and by the way, monticello is not part of the hudson valley.
The Hudson Valley is vast.
by BonFYa August 24, 2009
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A region of New York State. While it technically could mean everything in the Bronx to Albany corridor, people who identify with this region are those who live just past the NY suburbs but relatively close to the city, typically in Dutchess, Ulster, Orange, or Putnam County. Poughkeepsie could be said to be the capital of the Hudson Valley region.
Everyone from this region thinks they are from "Po-town" (Poughkeepsie). Kind of like how everyone in Westchester thinks they are from the Bronx or Yonkers when they really live in Scarsdale.
by YO Man July 27, 2004
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A region in New York State around the Hudson River north of the immediate suburbs of New York. Contrary to every travel guide I've ever seen, Lower Westchester is NOT part of the Hudson Valley, and grouping sophisticated metropolitan people like us with some upstate hicks is both insulting and degrading. Saying Mount Vernon has more in common with trailer-trash Monticello, NY than with the Bronx is absolutely absurd.
Let's clarify the many regions of NYS:
Noo Yawk - NYC, Lower Westchester county, and LI.
Upstate - anything north of White Plains.
by Arnold January 23, 2004
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