8 definitions by Fancy Henderson

more triumphant than something that qualifies as "more triumphant"
that handjob was most triumphant
by Fancy Henderson May 23, 2003
a somewhat vague term, where 2 participants each pick a side - one as the pirate, the other as the sand, and the ass is somehow involved. most likely it involves "teh gay"
let's go treasure hunting, archibald!
by Fancy Henderson May 23, 2003
partaking in a good chill at any given location
"lets go to starbucks and catch a sit"
by Fancy Henderson May 23, 2003
generally vague, usually involving extremely rough sex, coined after the notorious otto von bismarck orchastrated his reign of terror in eastern europe
after he bismarked her she was all torn up
by Fancy Henderson May 23, 2003
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