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A rules hound or rules lawyer. A stickler for the rules and always on the hunt for violations.
Don't play Mao with Mark, he's a legal beagle!
#lawyer #rules #legal #beagle #hound
by Mark Carthage July 10, 2008
a dog that is a lawyer
sadie is a legal beagle
by Fancy Henderson May 23, 2003
A girl who legally is considered an adult, therefore legally able to consent to sex with other adults.
guy #1: "Wow, she's pretty hot!"
guy #2: "Dude better stay away from her, she's just 16, total jailbait."
guy #1: "Damn, I'm gonna be all over that in 2 years when she's a legal beagle."
by Maggie #2 September 03, 2005
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