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A word that describes someone really cool, hawt, funny and apparently an awsome cook. She wouldn't take shit from anyone, and tends to love kids named Mike.
That sadie kid is fucking awsome.
by Mike youknowwho April 05, 2008
An awesome female who has a great sense of humor and too many friends to count. People with this name have a habit of falling for their best friends. They can usually keep a secret, but still they love gossip.
You are such a sadie!
by texasgirl37902 April 27, 2009
A name for any beautiful girl with a great sense of humor. Sadie's tend to be really funny and short. They are also smart and don't take crap from anyone. A Sadie is a girl that you can't get enough of and whenever you see her you can't help but smile and watch as she smiles back. Her smile is also great. I happen to love a Sadie.
Boy 1: Hey, did you hear about that new girl? She is really beautiful and funny.
Boy 2: Duh, her name is Sadie.

Boy 1: Did you hear the Beatles have a song called "Sexy Sadie"?
Boy 2: Duh, all Sadie's are sexy.
by hagganlokker December 15, 2010
You may fall in love with her but if you break her heart, she'd flip shit yo, watch out. So theres this guy named Christopher that really loves her more than any other girl he actually loved. Sadie is very lovable. Shes beautiful. If you met a Sadie, you would love her.
"She is one Sadie"
by Chrispoontage April 22, 2010
She is funny, like Saturday Night Live funny. Wont hang around drama filled people. Sadie is awkward but still really cute. She is cool, sweet, and cute, but doesn't want to be the center of sttention. Sadie tends to fall in love with people she thinks are too good for here and is terrible at sharing her true feelings, but once you get to know her, you'll instantly enjoy her company.
"Sadie is so weird, but i like her."
by fredyummin January 09, 2012
Sadie is ridiculously beautiful and sexy and has a habit of being too hot for her own good. She likes flowers and alcohol, and will probably smoke a peace pipe in later life. She has relatives who live far away. And she has a smart ass mouth.
"Man, did you see Sadie?, ooft, I so would"

"Yeah, but she was a cheeky bugger, but yeah, she was fineeee as usual"
by TrueHate December 13, 2009
a sweet angel who will never be forgotten. An original favorite.
Sexy Sadie is a song by the beatles. True story. Also a special cat who is watching us.

You LIE! Thats a Tallllll Tale!!!!
by daywalkz23 August 11, 2015
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