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a somewhat vague term, where 2 participants each pick a side - one as the pirate, the other as the sand, and the ass is somehow involved. most likely it involves "teh gay"
let's go treasure hunting, archibald!
by Fancy Henderson May 23, 2003
Fisting a Jewish girl in order to get to her Jew gold.
Hey Bobby can treat us all to drinks, because he went treasure hunting with Anne.
by Davidsteinberg September 28, 2013
Where 2 people go off on a "one on one" alone and do things, which can range from a talk, a walk, and "beyond" if you know what I mean.
EX: Hey we're missing 2 people...Oh they went "Treasure Hunting"
by Asiankrang February 26, 2011
The act of exploring a female's body (often whilst kissing the neck region), resulting in finding her "treasure", also known as her vajay, coochie, etc.
Joe: "Last night I went treasure hunting with Jill."
Ponch: "::high five!::"
by Johnny Sticky Fingers May 12, 2008

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