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Noun meaning someone's face or personal space. Usually used in confrontations. Probably derived from the "griddle" or front grille of an automobile.
1. Why do you have to get in my griddle about it?!

2. He was all up in my griddle, so I had to push him.
by Eva November 08, 2004
Mispell of like but is now an actual word.
Caused by wierd keyboards.
I totally liek that guy
"I love it, and most peopel seem to liek the changes."
by Eva March 09, 2004
The very long road in Plymouth where 90% of the main clubs are located.
Home to JFKs. Visited by Matlows, Crabs and Pongos (male) and janner, Shaz and Tracy.
"I'll see ya down Union St tonight?"
"Na, I'm working down Millbay."
by Eva January 07, 2004
a word used to notefy your "crew" it's time for a canabis break
is your sheeshtem down? i need to be sheeshtemized cap'n. we have sheeshtem crash sir.
by eva February 14, 2005
Non-sensical word used for describing a multitude of emotions, objects, and activities.
Meanings vary according to inflection.
See also: Dude
"Aw schnudley, junior's gotten into the drain cleaner again."
"Don't be a schnudley head."
*wink wink* "Hey, would you like to rub my schnudley?"
"That's quite a schnudley car you have there..."
by Eva December 23, 2004
Describes baggy clothing of a pea green or khaki color that doesn't fit correctly. So big you're "swimming" in it. Usually used to describe a shirt or sweater.
The soupy, brown sweater buried her small frame.
by Eva November 08, 2004
Much like the Northern version, the Sharon aka Shaz or Shazza tends to also be a janner.
Likes 3 inch make up, puts foundation on lips and "don't talk proper like."
"Alreete Shazza"
"Yeah, Traceay, you seen em matlowsdown Millbay?"
by Eva January 07, 2004

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