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A generic term for little wooden figures used in german board gaming.
Oooo, Carcasonne has all sorts of cool little meeples.
by perishable517 May 11, 2005
A generic term for little wooden figures used in german board gaming... but which is absolutely NOT german. Germans call these "Spielfigur" or even "Männchen".
Person 1: "Oooo, Carcasonne has all sorts of cool little meeples."
Person 2: "Dude, it's called "Männchen". Hahaha. Lol, dumbass."
by RandomGermanWoman January 01, 2012
An expression for a tiny person or comically tiny proportions of a person.
"Gawd! I can't even get one finger in these gloves. They're for some kind of crazy meeple hands."

"Capri-Suns suck because they're freaking meeple-sized. I'm still thirsty!"

"Dude, I dropped my keys under the seat. Get your meeple sister to get them for me."
by Tentative November 04, 2011
Often used in fanfiction circles.
Can mean sadness, or happynesss or can just be used to make you sound cute and innocent.
"So are you agreeing I'm right on this?"
by Eva December 14, 2003
A form of greeting, most frequently used in instant messaging conversations cos you sound silly if you shout it out in the street.
"Meeple!!! Howz u?" (that would be the messaging example)
by Bishop John The Dirty Grebo January 18, 2003
A cutesy, girlish-sounding word taken from the German game Carcassonne, this word has been adapted to have many meanings, such as "That sucks" or "Oh crap." It can also be a verbal expression of a sigh or puppy-dog face. Whatever the usage, the word is usually expressing sadness or disappointment.
Professor: "The two papers will be due tomorrow. Sorry about the short notice."
Student: "Meeple."

Guy: "I'm working through some serious health issues right now."
Girl: "Meeple... I hope things go okay."
by Vertigo September 18, 2002
a small fuzzy mammal that pops up outta the ground to bite your groin.
Sucker #1: "Holy fudge! That meeple bit me a good one! Nasty buggers!"

Sucker #2: "Ha, ha, h- mother potato! He got me too!"
by Hamster Jones January 11, 2004
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