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Nickname for a boy (17-30ish )in the British Army.
Gets in fights with Matlows and/or Crabs
Likes to drink a lot and pull (snog, shag)any Shaz, Tracy or Janner they find.
A female pongo will pull any Matlows, Crabs or Pongos she can find.
Orgin "Where ever the army goes the pong goes."
"Mate did ya pull last night?"
"Yeah, 3 pongos, 2 crabs and like 5 matlows
by Eva January 07, 2004
AKA Millbay docks, the docks.

Home of all prositutes in Plymouth, located just off Union St.

Visited by Matlows, Crabs and Pongos.

Probaly find a janner, Shaz orTracy workign there.
Located in Devon, UK.
"Where do ya work?"
"Down millbay, nights only!"
by Eva January 07, 2004
Another insult like bastard
"Fuck off you little wanker"
by Eva November 16, 2003
An awesome band with great songs
We went to the Smash Mouth concert, it was awesome.
by Eva February 25, 2004
The practice of tipping over old ladies, similar to cow tipping.
Dude, Sylvia couldn't get her History paper in because she was out old lady tipping again.
by Eva October 13, 2004
In great fits of laughter
In chat conversations
by Eva March 18, 2005
Where to find the janner, Shaz, TracyMatlows, Crabs and Pongos.
Located on union st, near millbay docks.
Full of under aged drinker and clubbers.
Stands -unoffically- for Just For Kids.
Recently became C103, but the name change wasn't sucessful and is still called JFKs.
"Right mate, we'll start in PR then go to JFKs and end up down millbay"
by Eva January 07, 2004

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