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39 definitions by Elliott

a period of unemployment, often in the form of funemployment, directly following one's graduation from college
The weeks, months, and eventually years following his graduation were filled with binge drinking and loft parties. Nobody was sure quite how this after school special would end.
by Elliott October 03, 2006
A girl who is known for being a dirty whore.
Wow! That girl's a yanelis!
by Elliott March 15, 2005
being like or having traits of a carny; originating from the deep south
Travis is so carn, he has a mullet and drives a '91 Camaro IROC-Z.

Did we just drink at noon? We are sooo carn!
by elliott April 10, 2005
A know it all, someone who professes to know everything the adjective of wordknowitallism .
That stupid N-Bomb thinks he knows everything
by Elliott June 17, 2003